Corner Guards

Corner guards relieve hits against chipped & or broken corners or columns. They are assembled over the edges on cark park columns preferably over the 4 edges,  and on industrial facilities they are set also over the edges of the walls. They are suitable for medium & heavy traffic areas & also for areas with moving trolleys. They are a perfect solution for peel off edges in car parks, hospitals, schools, sports areas and any other commercial properties.

Corner Guards Services

Rubber corner guards
Corner guards are made of high impact resistance tough rubber and PVC. They are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. They provide maximum visibility using black and yellow reflective stripes which are the most recommended warning colors. These rubber buffers are ideal for protecting wall and column corners as well as exit/entry areas exposed to vehicles and warehouse equipment.
Loading dock bumpers
Can be used in isolated areas enduring heavy traffic making them perfect loading dock bumpers. Manufactured from high quality recycled rubber, they allow formed mounting points for 12mm fixings and have the ability to withstand heavy impact.