Wheel Stops

Here’s the best way to make sure the parking area of your commercial business or shopping centre is well organized and provides proper parking spaces and excellent safety for your visitors. Wheel stops are great for protecting your curbs and walls from vehicles damaging them and also causing damage to the vehicles in the process. They assist in creating a boundary between obstacles and prevent travel further than the boundary the wheel stops create. The best thing is, they do this without causing damage to the vehicle or its tyres.

Wheel Stops Services

Strong and durable. Concrete Wheel Stops when Installed properly can prevent damage to property or people from vehicles. Built with a high resistance to multiple forms of impact and the worst conditions. Concrete Wheel Stops can be easily painted to any colour you require just ask us upon ordering.
Recycled rubber 1650mm long x 100mm high. Fitted yellow reflective plates. Fastening points x3 Inc. 12mm x 140mm Inc. 12mm x 140mm Trubolts suit concrete or ground pegs for asphalt.  Complies to AS2890.
Suitable for all parking areas! They're hard wearing & user-friendly, have pre-drilled holes for easy installation and are made with 100% recycled plastic.